Saint Augustine Anglican Church
Saint Augustine Anglican Church

  • Our Commitments

    Who We Are

    St. Augustine’s Church is building a community of believers to further the Kingdom of God in Tres Pinos, the Central Coast and the world.

    Common Experience

     We all have experienced the love of God, through Jesus Christ, as forgiven sinners. 

    Common Interest

    We all desire to increase our knowledge of Jesus Christ as individuals and as a community of believers.

    Common Obedience

     We all have recognized and confessed Jesus Christ as our master and lord above all others. 

    Common Goal

     We all are committed to bringing all people to the knowledge and love of God through Jesus Christ.

    To This End

    Saint Augustine's makes disciples of all people teaching them the historic Christian faith. We want to be a community of disciples known for: their faithful worship of God, generosity, and hospitality.

    The Duties of the Liaty

    1. To worship God, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, every Lord’s Day in a Church unless reasonably prevented;
    2. To engage regularly in the reading and study of Holy Scripture and the Doctrine of the Church as found in Article I of the Constitution of this Church;
    3. To observe their baptismal vows, to lead an upright and sober life, and not give scandal to the Church;
    4. To present their children and those they have led to the Lord for baptism and confirmation;
    5. To give regular financial support to the Church, with the biblical tithe as the minimum standard of giving;
    6. To practice forgiveness daily according to our Lord’s teaching;
    7. To receive worthily the Sacrament of Holy Communion as often as reasonable;
    8. To observe the feasts and fasts of the Church set forth in the Anglican formularies;
    9. To continue his or her instruction in the Faith so as to remain an effective minister for the Lord Jesus Christ;
    10. To devote themselves to the ministry of Christ among those who do not know Him, utilizing the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives them, for the effective extension of Christ’s Kingdom.